Electronic Fuel Injection

Electronic fuel injections are a system which allows fuel into a central combustion engine, electronic fuel injection systems break up the fuel by powerfully pushing it through a small syringe under a very high pressure.

The electronic fuel injection process in time has replaced the throttle body fuel injection system and the single point systems due to it being far more efficient and it also has several point fuel injection systems which means that the systems are more accurate at measuring out fuel and also work faster due to the separate cylinders.

Here at Rohais Motor Centre we offer electronic fuel injection repair services, all of our employees are qualified experts in this field and all have a vast amount of knowledge regarding your faulty electronic fuel injection.

Unsure? Here are signs that your electronic fuel injection is faulty

If you feel you may have a faulty electronic fuel injection you may notice issues such as noisy engine, reduced acceleration, not much power, poor fuel take in and bad performance of your vehicle during colder temperatures. If you are experiencing any of these issues then you may need your electronic fuel injection checked out, if you ignore and leave these issues it will get worse resulting in more engine complications and high costs.

We will check out your vehicle and provide a professional and accurate diagnoses, after this one of our experienced staff will then work on repairing your faulty electronic fuel injection at extremely generous and competitive prices!