Vehicle Servicing

Vehicle servicing is one of our main areas of expertise here at ‘Rohais Motor Centre’. Our company was established in 1995 so with nearly 10 years of experience within the industry we have managed to build our company up to a reliable, trustworthy and highly respectable business.

All vehicle servicing is completed by certified and experience professionals who are extremely talented and knowledgeable in what they do. As our company has built up a great reputation over the years we make sure all our work is to the highest of standards so we do not let any customers down.

What are vehicle alarm systems?

Vehicle alarm systems are basically alarms installed into your vehicle along with sensors and when your vehicle senses disruption the alarms go off and are very loud, which will not only put the thief off from tampering with your car but the alarms will draw attention to your car either by yourself or your neighbours. This alarm system is a basic effective vehicle alarm system but there are higher tech alarms available which offer more technical services but are more expensive.

Why not call us

If you love your car and would like to protect it has much as you can away from thieves then why not call us today and discuss the vehicle alarm systems we have available for you and within your budget.